Chiari Prognosis

The prognosis for Chiari varies immensely. While some people may never know they have chiari or find it randomly and have no other symptoms others will have symptoms very early in life and end up with many surgeries and continuing problems. The majority of cases tend to have none to mild symptoms which can either be tolerated or relieved after surgery. There is no real way to guess the progression of this condition. 

The chances of having continuing difficulties generally increases when associated with other disorders like Syringomyelia, Hydrocephalus, Ehlers Danlos, Tethered Cord Syndrome and other such conditions. 88% of just chiari cases have been found to have improved symptoms or alleviation of symptoms after surgical intervention. 

Asymptomatic congenital chiari seems to become symptomatic often after a growth spurt in early adulthood. Many people may find they go for long periods of prolonged stability with their symptoms. Complications of chiari malformation can include: Hydrocephalus, Syringomyelia, Syringobuliba, see related conditions.

Your doctors will be able to give you an idea of your specific prognosis. 

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